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REVIVAL Vendor Resources

Resources to grow a your network and expand your business 

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict is excited to provide additional resources for our Market Street Vendors. Our desired outcome for this project is to give BIPOC businesses without brick and mortar locations access to additional support that leads to increased sales, brand recognition, and the establishment of own storefronts.


This page includes: 

  • A recording of our Vendor Workshop

  • A summary of recommended business management tips 

  • A checklist of items to bring to every pop-up

  • Recommended starting points for where to look for more pop-up events


Vendor Pop-Up Toolkit

Click below to download the full vendor toolkit

Vendor Workshop

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict was joined by the founder of Taswira Avery Barnes and Mediums Collective co-founder to host a workshop on brand management and strategies to build a business at 

Topics covered: Building a brand, determining a price point, building a client base without making a point of sale,

Thank you to all the businesses that joined us and offered their valuable advice and perspectives on their experiences with pop-ups 

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