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“Pop-up shops are so crucial right now for small businesses... It’s extremely important for me as a business owner, in supporting myself and our project, and we need more opportunities like this.” 

- Avery Barnes, Taswira

How do we rebuild, refuel, and heal our community after years of interrupted business?

Revival Market Street is a fresh approach to outdoor markets that aims to repair some of the harm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the endemic inequities it brought to light.

It's a chance to support small businesses while reclaiming small sections of blighted city streets and revive our community in a productive and inclusive way.

In December, the Holiday Pop-Up Market on Howell turned a holiday outing destination into an expression of social justice, inclusion, and community transformation.

With generous support from Amazon and the Seattle Department of Transportation, Capitol Hill EcoDistrict was able to breathe new life into the streets that connect us, while supporting the small businesses that make our community unique.


Breathing new life into the streets that connect us.

Revival Market Street is designed to reconnect and heal urban spaces for all people with special emphasis on helping those who are too often left out.

Instead of charging vendors for the market spaces, Revival Market Street pays them to participate with the goal of creating something reflective of our community. And by rethinking physical space for the market, including plants and creative structures for vendors, a once desolate streetscape will help propel the EcoDistrict’s larger vision for urban living.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed gross inequities and unfairness pervading almost every corner of society – especially in our communities of color. And it expanded awareness of the social and economic injustice perpetuated by deep-rooted racism, discrimination, and wealth and income inequality.

In the simultaneous crush of recent catastrophes also falling upon us, including the murder of George Floyd, new waves of hate crimes, and the disastrous realities of climate change, we must move forward with a new collective consciousness and a common commitment to change.

As we reemerge from the ravages of COVID, we must rebuild our businesses and communities with new eyes and sharpened clarity about our goals for the future.


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Recent Events

The inaugural pop-up market that took place on an unused section of Howell Street in Seattle provided a unique outdoor shopping opportunity for the Capitol Hill community and helped amazing local, small businesses begin to bounce back.


Holiday Pop-Up Market on Howell

Sunday, December 12, 11am - 4pm
East Howell St. and Broadway at Cal Anderson Park


Cafe Avole
Clothing, Jewelry, Artwork
Mama Africa
Mediums Collective
Sukie's Candle Co.