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Neighbour's Alley

Capitol Hill is a busy and densely populated area, making the neighborhood’s limited spaces for pedestrian and public life precious. The alley linking East Pike and East Pine Streets between Broadway and Harvard is an underutilized space that could play a role in improving and increasing Capitol Hill’s public space network.

In 2018 and 2019, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict led a community visioning process to reimagine this alley. Linking two of Capitol Hill’s most prominent business corridors, the alley connects the Egyptian and Erickson Theaters, Neighbour’s Nightclub, restaurants, storefronts, and residences for low-income families.

The visioning and design process culminated in a comprehensive report, including physical and operational recommendations to create a more engaging space for the community to use in the future. Today, the EcoDistrict continues to pursue funding opportunities to implement the report’s recommendations. 

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Special thanks to our partners:

  • Framework Cultural Placemaking

  • Blanca Lighting Design

  • Seattle Office of Economic Development

  • Bullitt Foundation

  • Enterprise Community Partners


In 2018, the City’s Only in Seattle program granted the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict funds to initiate a community-oriented design planning phase for the alley.

In the planning stage of the project, the team met with representatives from the Seattle Department of  Transportation as well as the Office of Economic Development, and toured the alley with representatives from Seattle Public Utilities, Recology, and the Broadway Business Improvement area.

The stewardship group recommended several feasible improvements to be implemented immediately at minimal cost to the waste management plus mitigation, safety plus character lighting, and art plus infrastructure.

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