The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict aspires to be a trusted, effective advocate and partner in community development, both within and beyond Capitol Hill. As urban planners and community organizers, we test innovative solutions, advocate for policy changes, and share learning across a range of issues and projects.



Executive Director of the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict & Executive Vice President of Community Development at Community Roots Housing

Donna Moodie, owner of Marjorie restaurant, brings years of engagement with both the Capitol Hill and Central District business communities to the EcoDistrict. Donna has been on several mayor-appointed commissions and councils, she was a founding board member of the Capitol Hill Housing Foundation, and she chaired the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas Board. As a consultant, Donna has advised food business startups and architects on diversity and inclusion. Born in Jamaica, raised in Chicago, and now a resident of Seattle for over 20 years, Donna is well acquainted with the interconnectedness of social justice, community building, and neighborhood activism.

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EcoDistrict Program Manager

Erin joined the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict after holding posts in several nonprofit organizations and NGOs that focused on community-based solutions for issues related to immigration, education, post-conflict rebuilding, and the environment. Before working with the EcoDistrict and Community Roots Housing, Erin spent five years serving as the Executive Director of Old Growth Northwest, a volunteer arts organization that provided creative writing opportunities to underrepresented groups. She also trained as a restorative justice facilitator with the Seattle Restorative Justice Initiative. Erin holds a BA in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as an MA in International Affairs from the Fletcher School and an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.


Senior Community and Housing Development Associate

Akeyla graduated from the University of Washington-Tacoma with a Bachelor of Art degree in Urban Studies & Community Development and Planning. She began at Community Roots Housing as a Property Manager in 2018 before being hired on to the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict. Akeyla enjoys working with people from all backgrounds to help create sustainability in urban communities. She is a passionate advocate for social justice and liberation for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. She also has a passion for advocacy, community development, and helping people attain affordable housing. Akeyla excels at building authentic relationships and bridging gaps between communities to foster long-lasting solidarity among people. She strives to lift voices whenever and wherever possible.