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The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict brings together a range of talents, backgrounds, and experience to shape community development in Seattle’s center city.

Capitol Hill is the heart of the LGBTQ community in Seattle and is home to more artists than any other neighborhood in the city. Its residents, more than 80% of whom are renters, represent a range of identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Over the past two decades, Capitol Hill has faced unprecedented growth spurred by a new light rail station and proximity to South Lake Union, one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country.

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict began in 2011 as an effort to address runaway growth in Seattle by ensuring that community priorities are reflected in the significant developments changing the neighborhood. By engaging community leaders, small business owners, government agencies, and local media, the EcoDistrict has grown its capacity to shape development amid rapid growth, gentrification, and the displacement that threatens residents, businesses, and community institutions.


We focus on making this densely populated neighborhood livable and sustainable for all people by piloting new and innovative ideas at the neighborhood level that can then be scaled throughout the city or region.


Founded by Community Roots Housing, the EcoDistrict serves as a test lab for innovative problem solving, offering expertise in community engagement and development, research, and advocacy.

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Ten years of celebrated wins

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